The Song A Week Sessions: Volume 1

Our compilation album is now available to stream or download for free. Thanks for listening!

More about each song:

1. Daniel Jenstad – “In Transit
2. Maria de las Nieves – “Canto Di Caino
3. Paul Spring – “Plum Street
4. Alpenglow – “Mountain Man
5. Matt and Donna – “Canard Digérateur
6. Andy Price – “Daytime Superhero
7. Pat Boerner and Brittany Miller – “Something To Say
8. Lazerwülf – “Breakthrough
9. Whitaker Trebella and Charlie McCarron – “Ghosts Of Hallemot
10. Brandon Dvorak – “Kingdom
11. Kurtz – “Everything Burns Alike
12. Jake Anderson – “Full Of…
13. Jason P. Schumacher – “Secret Selves
14. WC Tank – “Achoo
15. Simon Sperl – “Latent Promises
16. Pete Eisenberg and Tom Holmes – “A Penny Around My Neck
17. Luke Friedrich – “Just Like Today” (Charlie Parr Cover)

Recording Night at Pete’s

Just a quick update, since it’s pretty late. I just finished recording a song with Tom Holmes and his friend Pete Eisenberg. Pete invited us over to his house beforehand for a delicious meal. It was great to meet Pete, who also happens to be a 3M employee. He’s originally from upstate New York. He moved to Boston, where he met his wife, and they later came to Minnesota when Pete’s career led him to the 3M headquarters in St. Paul.

Pete and Tom’s song is sounding really good so far. With a room full of guitars, how could it not turn out awesome? Pete played acoustic guitar, mandolin, and sang. Tom laid down electric bass and synth drums with his drum machine. We weren’t sure how that would mix in with Pete’s acoustic instruments, but I think it’s going to sound really cool together. I may try adding a little guitar melody and backing vocals, but I think the song is almost good to go. Check back this Sunday for the final mix!

Song a Week Kickoff!

This week marks the start of my challenge to record one new artist every week. And to start us off is a friend of mine and a talented drummer, guitarist, bassist, etc. – Tom Holmes. He was raised on old-school techno and grew up with some of the guys in Atmosphere. At the same time, he loves blues and anything with a good guitar riff. It does say something when you name your son Hendrix!

Tom and Hendrix

I’m really looking forward to producing Tom’s song. It sounds like it will be a heartfelt song dedicated to a friend of his. I’ll be heading back to Stillwater this week, and we’ll hopefully have something ready to post by the weekend!

17 Artists, 17 Weeks

Welcome to the blog! I’m excited to get this project rolling at the end of August. So far, 17 artists have said they’re interested in being recorded, so that pretty much fills up each week until Christmas!

Looking forward to working with all of you who signed up. I want it to be a fun, low-stress experience for everybody. And if it turns out to be otherwise, you’ll at least have an interesting story for a guest post on this blog.