Week 12: Paul Spring – “Plum Street”

This week I recorded a guy who has won all nine battle of the bands he’s entered, including one earlier tonight. Paul Spring and his band are all amazing musicians, so it was a treat to produce “Plum Street.”

Jeffrey Schwinghammer made this music video right in our living room. Special thanks to former Song-a-Weeker Jason P. Schumacher for helping out with lighting and other random tasks.

Audio MP3

Plum Street
by Paul Spring, featuring Dylan McFarling, Danny Mittnacht, and Jed Anderson

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t worry
Because all my friends got hitched in such a big hurry
I sit round thinking what’s the rush?
But then again I’ve been drinking and sleeping too much.

I better start making some money off playing these chords,
Because I’m developing high class habits that I can’t afford.
They tell me I gotta change,
But I don’t want to sing a song that’s out of my range.

I want someone who doesn’t need me
A woman of her own
A girl who can’t stand me
But won’t leave me alone

A wise old man gave me a kindly reminder
He said “As soon as you stop lookin, that’s when you’ll find her.”
He said “Impatience is the greatest sin of all.
It’s why we lost paradise and it’s why we’ll fall.”

I want someone who doesn’t need me
A woman of her own
A girl who can’t stand me
But won’t leave me alone

Paul Spring – vocals and acoustic guitar
Dylan McFarling – electric guitar and backing vocals
Danny Mittnacht – bass
Jed Anderson – drums and backing vocals

I finally met Paul this past week after seeing him around St. John’s years ago, playing awesome shows while he was still in high school. Strangely enough, I had a hand in producing a Paul Spring song about 4 years ago. Jed was recording some drums for my senior project, and we ended up recording a drum track for one of Paul’s songs. It was about Mountain Dew. Apparently he had (or maybe still has) an obsession.

All of these guys were startlingly efficient at recording. Whereas my own guitar playing seems to require 50 takes per song, Paul did one. He sang the lead vocals twice. Jed and Danny nailed their parts in just a few takes. Dylan was spitting out so many sweet guitar riffs, it was painful to let them fall by the wayside. Hopefully these guys will remember me someday when they’re off touring the world, being musical guests on SNL, picking up babes, etc.

To hear some more of Paul’s tunes, visit PaulSpringMusic.com or YouTube.com/PaulSpring

Check back soon for a behind the scenes video from Jeff.

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