Week 7: Andy Price – “Daytime Superhero”

This week I recorded a song by Andy Price, a longtime friend and the bassist in our old high school band. Andy’s son Ethan was his muse for this one. Enjoy!

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Daytime Superhero
By Andy Price

Start of the day I’m on patrol
Don’t mess with me I’m in control
I feel the wind as it blows beneath my cape
The time is now I’ve got a city to save

My mild and manner have disappeared
And I’m the one the villains fear
My muscles are strong and ready to attack
My awesome powers will stop them in their tracks

When the sun is up above my head
I won’t have to go to bed
And I’ll stay the hero of the day

He’s plotting to freeze the entire town
But I wont let the people down
The bigger they are the harder that they fall
And now I’ve got him up against the wall

As I land the final blow
The sun is setting the shadows grow
I’m getting worried as the sunlight fades
I’m helpless as my powers slip away

When the sun is up above my head
I wont have to go to bed
And I’ll stay the hero of the day

The end of the day I lie in bed
The shadows are moving around my head
My heart beats faster as the darkness grows
The sun’s gone down and now my nightlight glows

My muscles are tight my eyes are closed
My fists are clenched and I don’t know
If I’m alone or something’s under the bed
And I’m the one that needs a hero instead

Andy Price – Lead Vocals, Bass
Matt Schubbe – Vocals, Keys
Rob Carmichael – Drums
Charlie McCarron – Vocals, Guitar

Creative Commons License
Daytime Superhero by Andy Price is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://www.facebook.com/aprice14

Andy, Rob, and Matt brainstorming-up some lyrics.

Behind the Scenes

I was really excited to see what Andy would come up with, since he hasn’t done much solo songwriting, or singing for that matter (although you wouldn’t know it from this awesome song he came up with). It all started in Andy’s basement last Wednesday night. Andy had a bass track down already, so I tried out some potential guitar ideas.

Jamming in Andy's basement (photo courtesy of Ethan Price)

Later in the week, Rob and Matt joined in to help fill out the song. I won’t go too in depth on the production of this one, because there’s a much more fun behind the scenes video right here…

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