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Helium Requiem

I’ve always been attracted to Salvador Dalí’s style, but this week I got a book of his paintings (thanks Mom and Dad!) and was completely enthralled by his craziness and creativity. For example, take a look at his “Paranoiac Face”:

Dali - Paranoiac Face
Try tilting your head to the left if you don’t see the face.

I wanted to try something surreal and dense with imagery and tiny secrets. Here’s the painting I came up with, which I’m calling Helium Requiem.

Helium Requiem
Large version here.

I also made a speed painting video (thanks to the time-lapse feature on the iPad app Procreate):

The music in this video is a sneak peek of a new electronic project I’m working on. UPDATE: The album HELIUM REQUIEM is finished!

I’ll leave you with a couple more inspirations for this style I’ve been aiming for. First, Hieronymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights (from 1500!):

Second, I loved the art of Graeme Base as a kid, especially his book Eleventh Hour. The concept was that there were clues hidden in each page to help solve the book’s mystery.

eleventh hour graeme base

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