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Chiptune Composing with Ben Burnes

Ben Burnes Composer Quest

In today’s episode of Composer Quest, I talk with fellow Minnesotan Ben Burnes, who has been writing chiptune music for games (12 games in 12 weeks, as a matter of fact). He just released them in his album Three Red Hearts, and in our talk he shares some tips on creating video game music. We also talk about creativity and the business of indie game composing.

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You can find Ben’s music at abstractionmusic.com, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp.

At the end of the episode, I play a clip from Rich Vreeland’s Gamer’s Rhapsody demo. The full talk is here.

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Composing Resources from the Episode

Episode Soundtrack

All the music in this episode was written and produced by Ben Burnes.

    • 0:00 – Original Composer Quest theme by Ben Burnes
    • 0:40 – Deep Blue
    • 5:07 – Three Red Hearts
    • 11:17 – The Maker’s Eden, Act 1 – An Unlikely Sleuth (Exploration Gameplay)
    • 12:00 – The Maker’s Eden, Act 1 – Boilerplate Prison (Cinematic Gameplay)
    • 12:05 – The Maker’s Eden, Act 1 – Delicate Machinery (Atmospheric Gameplay)
    • 15:39 – Just Drive Mixtape Side A
    • 18:55 – Modern Bits
    • 23:29 – Sanctuary
    • 29:16 – Clockwork Friends
    • 40:21 – Out of Time
    • 43:58 – Save the City

52:46 – Moments of Silence 5


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