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Cagetones Album Debut

After a grueling but supremely fun month of writing and recording, Nick Syman and I finished our album for the RPM Challenge. The album spans a ton of different sounds and genres, and even eras. The one-month limit forced us to work with ideas we might have otherwise thrown away. And I’m glad we kept at them, because we got some unique sounds out of this project. Hope you enjoy Did You See the Moon? by Cagetones.

  1. Loose the Ropes I – 2:42
  2. Loose the Ropes II – 1:38
  3. Just One More – 2:37
  4. Night Flight – 1:44
  5. Did You See the Moon? – 01:43
  6. Crickets Tick Time – 0:38
  7. The Fishermen Three – 2:02
  8. Nothing Flower – 2:53
  9. Before the Sun – 2:43
  10. Landing – 3:37
  11. Hope – 3:24
  12. Nets of Silver and Gold – 4:08

All music composed and produced by Charlie McCarron and Nick Syman

Piano – Ted Godbout
Drums – Pete Johnson
Trombone – Nick Syman
Saxophone – Mara Syman
Trumpet – Mark Syman
Voice and all other instruments – Charlie McCarron and Nick Syman
Engineering, Mixing and Mastering – Charlie McCarron

Album art by Jason P. Schumacher

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