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Dame Evelyn Glennie on Percussion and Dynamics

Evelyn Glennie Composer Quest

Evelyn Glennie lost her hearing by the age of 12, but that didn't stop her from becoming a percussion virtuoso, a three-time Grammy winner, and a Dame Commander of the British Empire. In this Composer Quest interview, she shares some really interesting ideas about dynamics and writing for percussion. We also talk about her collaborations with Bjork, composer John Corigliano, and guitarist and improviser Fred Frith.

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Robot Drummers and Patrick Flanagan of Jazari

Patrick Flanagan Jazari Robot Band

Cyborg percussion ensemble Jazari was created by "token human" Patrick Flanagan. He made a kind of robot drum circle that beats on acoustic bongos, cowbells, a djembe, and more. In episode 32 of Composer Quest, Patrick talks with me about his robot band, his day job creating musical iPhone apps, and his reasons for leaving the academic composing world to create dance music.

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Drum Kit Melodies with Pete James Johnson


Jazz drummer Pete James Johnson has recently been getting into sampling his dad's old records to make beats for his DJ project Elephane. In this episode of Composer Quest, Pete shares his beat sampling advice, his experiences composing for jazz trio, and his new method of thinking in terms of "melodies" when he plays a drum solo.

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Taking the Stage with Drummer Luke Friedrich


Luke Friedrich was too young to carry a musket when he joined his Civil War reenacting unit, so he picked up the fife and drum instead. Now, he plays in more bands than would seem possible, including Crimes, Strange, Rupert Angeleyes, Flowerstalks, Secrets, ThoughtTalk, and his primary songwriting endeavor, Squares. We talk about performing, the music business, and his fascination with horrific lyrical topics.

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