The Song A Week Sessions: Volume 1

Our compilation album is now available to stream or download for free. Thanks for listening!

More about each song:

1. Daniel Jenstad – “In Transit
2. Maria de las Nieves – “Canto Di Caino
3. Paul Spring – “Plum Street
4. Alpenglow – “Mountain Man
5. Matt and Donna – “Canard Digérateur
6. Andy Price – “Daytime Superhero
7. Pat Boerner and Brittany Miller – “Something To Say
8. Lazerwülf – “Breakthrough
9. Whitaker Trebella and Charlie McCarron – “Ghosts Of Hallemot
10. Brandon Dvorak – “Kingdom
11. Kurtz – “Everything Burns Alike
12. Jake Anderson – “Full Of…
13. Jason P. Schumacher – “Secret Selves
14. WC Tank – “Achoo
15. Simon Sperl – “Latent Promises
16. Pete Eisenberg and Tom Holmes – “A Penny Around My Neck
17. Luke Friedrich – “Just Like Today” (Charlie Parr Cover)

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