You can find most of my albums and soundtracks on Bandcamp as pay-what-you-want.

Barely Camping Soundtrack

Comedy songs, melodrama, and a Morgan Freeman impression made for a short film by Above-the-Line Entertainment in 48 hours.

Helium Requiem

Dark but playful synth backdrops with lyrics/vocals from my cousin Nathan Graves.


A solo album of songs I’ve been collecting for years.

Twin Cities Soundtrack

Score for the upcoming feature film Twin Cities.

Beyond the Thrill Soundtrack

Score for the competitive skydiving documentary Beyond the Thrill.

Star Reaction Soundtrack

Soundtrack for the puzzle game Star Reaction.

Sad Clown Soundtrack

My score for Jason P. Schumacher’s short film Sad Clown is a combination of my original compositions and classical melodies.

Cagetones – Did You See the Moon?

Nick Syman and I created this album in one month for the RPM Challenge.


The Song a Week Sessions

I produced a new song by a new MN artist for 17 weeks and blogged about it.


The Mystery of Grey Matters

In this triple-disc story album, a supernatural boy struggles with his unique ability to hear into the future. Travel with him through disc one (L) and disc two (R). Disc one and two are then superimposed on disc three (L+R).