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Online Jamming with Plink

Plink Jam Session Composer Quest Patrons 2015

Last week, I asked my Composer Quest patrons to join me in an online jamming experiment. My friend Alex pointed out Plink, a cool site that lets you jam with random people on the internet. By adding a hashtag to the URL (#cqpatronjam), we were able to have our own "chat" room.

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7 Weird Creativity Warm-ups

What ever happened to this guy?

In my latest podcast episode, I talked with neuroscientist Wilma Koutstaal, who studies creativity. After our in-depth conversation about how to think creatively, we joked about how everyone wants things boiled down to a few easy tips. So here are seven ways to get your creative juices flowing.

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The Psychology of Creativity with Wilma Koutstaal

Wilma Koutstaal Composer Quest Interview

Cognitive neuroscientist Wilma Koutstaal studies and teaches about creativity at the University of Minnesota. In this episode of Composer Quest, she shares words of wisdom with all of us who want to be more creative. We talk about how to to get unstuck from writer's block, how to move between abstract and detailed thinking, and how to avoid procrastination.

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