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Patchwork Scriabin: The Ultimate Prelude Mashup

Alexander Scriabin Patchwork Colors

Update: The contest winner has been announced! Listen to the Composer Quest episode below or scroll to the very bottom if you can’t stand the suspense.

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100 years after the death of Alexander Scriabin, his music lives on in a form he would never have expected. A week ago, I announced the Patchwork Scriabin quest along with UniqueSound, and 49 people contributed to our Scriabin “sound quilt” by recording a measure of his Prelude in A minor, Op. 11 No. 2. I’m excited to present our final mashup, with 68 uniquely-produced measures. You’ll hear trombones, bells, accordions, chiptune synths, wine glasses, dog growls, dance beats, and much more.

The Results

We actually had TWO people earn 4 votes each, so we have a two-way tie for first place. The winners are Timon Wientzek (measure 46 at 1:08) and Thom Robson (measure 49 at 1:15)! Congrats guys! They’ll split the winnings and receive $50 each from UniqueSound.

If you’re interested in being notified of future challenges like these, make sure you’re subscribed to the Composer Quest email list and the UniqueSound email list (at the bottom of this post).


Here’s where our participants live:

Patchwork Scriabin Participant Map

Here are the measure credits (see the score for reference):

1 Michael Chadwick
2 Charlie McCarron
3 Johannes Schäbel
4 Charlie McCarron
5 Mandy Fassett & Michael Maiorana
6 Valentin Lafort
7 William E.
8 Mary Beth Huttlin
9 Deborah Young
10 Gerry Mayer
11 Valentin Lafort
12 Zach Adams
13 Gene Pritsker
14 Noah Keesecker
15 Benjamin Burnes
16 Erik Ostrom
17 Johannes Schäbel
18 Jean-Pierre VIAL
19 Pete Scott
20 Luke Thomas
21 Dan Wheeler
22 Charlie McCarron
23 Erik Ostrom
24 Liam Moore
25 Paul Sampson
26 Daniel Nass
27 Benjamin Burnes
28 Charlie McCarron
29 Daniel Jorgensen
30 Marc-André Mongeon
31 Luke Thomas
32 Liam Moore
33 Santiago Dolan
34 Timothy brandl
35 Caleb Hines
36 Daniel Bailey
37 Denise Hudson
38 Jon Pereira
39 Santiago Dolan
40 Alex Samuel
41 Kaspar Torn
42 Elain Klopke
43 Max Wanderman
44 Caleb Hines
45 Sabrina Duval
46 Timon Wientzek
47 Tom Snively
48 Daniel Nass
49 Thom Robson
50 Jean-Pierre VIAL
51 Mike Manor
52 Paul Sampson
53 Jackson LaBaugh
54 Mary Beth Huttlin
55 Nick Syman
56 Will Robertson
57 Michael Chergosky
58 Johannes Schäbel
59 Mick Bordet
60 Mick Bordet
61 Polloxtyuriam
62 Josh Wilson
63 Gene Pritsker
64 Pete Scott
65 Jean-Pierre VIAL
66 Brent Magstadt
67 Ben Taggart
68 Tony Schulte


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