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Chopin, Hendrix, and Pianist Paul Cantrell

Paul Cantrell Composer Quest

What do Chopin and Jimi Hendrix have in common? What do “Graceland” and “Yesterday” have in common? How do mp3s work? What is the purpose of music? These are just a few of the random topics Paul Cantrell and I talk about in today’s episode of Composer Quest. He has a ton of golden nuggets for composers, and you’ll get to hear him live at the piano, explaining the composing styles of Chopin, Brahms, and Paul Cantrell himself.

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Make sure to check out Paul’s piece The Broken Mirror of Memory at innig.net, and the new version on bass clarinetist Pat O’Keefe’s Contents May Differ. If you’re in Minnesota, make sure to check out Paul’s New Ruckus events – I always enjoy going to his Composer Nights.

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  1. Edward Vogel says:

    Thank you so much for advocating (and explaining. . .) amateur musicianship as an important part of the musical ecosystem. I think contemporary classical and art music are uniquely poised to bring playing instruments back to popular culture. Stocking the pond for all types of music.

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