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Halloween Composing with Sideshow Sound Theatre

A pumpkin carved by my dad, Bill McCarron.

Your regular Composer Quest host has been replaced by a Demonic Overlord. Enjoy this talk with William Dodson and Wendell Jones, who compose Halloween music as the duo Sideshow Sound Theatre. Stay until the end to hear a brand new song by the Demonic Overlord himself, about one of his favorite pastimes.

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You can find more of Sideshow Sound Theatre’s music on Soundcloud. Stay posted about their new album commentary and film score podcast on their Facebook page.

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Episode Soundtrack

Most of the music in this episode came from Sideshow Sound Theatre’s new Halloween album, The WTF Paranormal Agency.

  • 0:00 – Original Composer Quest intro by Sideshow Sound Theatre
  • 0:18 – “The Phantoms of Greenhill Manor”
  • 3:00 – “An Insidious Intermission”
  • 4:08 – “The Quest of Darkness”
  • 7:17 – “The Undead Lounge”
  • 7:24 – “The WTF Paranormal Agency”
  • 8:08 – “There Will Be Monsters!”
  • 9:27 – “The Phantoms of Greenhill Manor”
  • 9:54 – “The WTF Paranormal Agency”
  • 12:30 – “An Ominous Overture” (Twisted Tales & Scary Stories)
  • 17:20 – “Things That Go Bump in the Night”
  • 23:48 – “The Undead Lounge”
  • 24:37 – “I Like Eating Cute Puppies” by The Demonic Overlord of the Undead and All Things Unholy in the Third Ring of Hell


  1. Peter Amsel says:

    I really enjoyed hearing your interview of William and Wendell, and for sharing their superb work which I had the privilege of previewing as it was in progress (yes, I am the Peter Amsel William mentioned), so it is wonderful ton hear the end result receive such positive reviews – it definitely deserves to be listened to as something that is far more than a pastiche of something else.

    Thanks again,

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