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Music Composition and the Law: How to Protect Your Creative Work


In this special episode of Composer Quest, I talk with entertainment lawyer Blake Iverson of Friedman Iverson Law Firm and entertainment law student Sarah Howes about how to copyright your music and make money from royalties. They provide a bunch of great tips and legal myth-busting for us composers and songwriters. Listen to our talk below for answers to these intellectual property questions that should probably be on your mind:

  • How do I copyright my music?
  • How can I get paid for radio play?
  • If someone covers my song in a concert venue, can I get paid for that?
  • How are Pandora and Spotify getting away with paying artists so little?
  • When should I sign a record deal?
  • If I collaborated on a song with someone, how do we create a contract to split the rights and royalty money?
  • If someone infringes on my copyright, how can I sue them?
  • If I can’t pay for a lawyer, what should I do?
  • Is creative commons a good idea?
  • How does public domain work?
  • 100 years from now, will YouTube creators be able to pass on their monetized videos to their grandchildren?
  • Should I mail a copy of my work to myself and never open it (“poor man’s copyright”)?

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Here are links to some things Sarah mentioned in our talk:

Special thanks to Sarah and Blake for coming in to talk with me! Follow @FriedmanIverson and @xandralovely on Twitter.

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