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RPM 2012: Feb 5th Beat Idea

Nick and I ended our session on Saturday by trying to co-compose some music for our RPM album. But it was kind of a slow and not-very-fruitful process, compared to our improv jams. So we came up with a new plan for our next meeting: we would each create a background music bed for the other person to write a melody/solo over. So here’s my idea (filmed by @JSchwinghammer):

I’ve never recorded two layers of bass in a song, but it just seemed to fit when I thought of the bass only as a staccato rhythm part. I approached the electric guitars the same way; I just wanted two simple parts that would have slightly offset rhythms. I’m curious to see what Nick will add to this.

Like my last song idea, this beat is another totally different sound for me. But I had a lot of fun coming up with it, and I think more of this style is on the way. If it’s not already apparent, I’ve been listening to some Thom Yorke lately, especially his erratic “Twist”:


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